Keep Blues Alive

Εγω γραψει παλιοτερα... "Για εναν παραξενο λογο οποτε ψαχνω στα mp3 να ακουσω κατι χωρις να ξερω τι, θα σταματησω πανω σε μπλουζ. Τις περισσοτερες φορες πανω του. To Grasshoper εχει λιωσει σε βινυλιο/cd και mp3 και με συντροφευει πολλες νυχτες ακομα και τωρα και τα δυο τραγουδια ειναι απο κει." Ετσι ειμαι τις τελευταιες μερες, ακουω συνεχεια JJ Cale, με μικρα διαλλειματα απο Blues Wire και Albert Collins και George Thorogood.

Η λιστα στο winamp ειναι καπου 12 ωρες και παιζει ασταματητα. Ενω διαβαζω καταλαβαινω οτι ειναι κατι που μου αρεσει αλλα δεν καθομαι να το αναλυσω σαν το τελειο soundtrack.

Μπλεκωντας Blues Wire με JJ Cale μια διασκευη που εχουν κανει στο Sensitive Kind
και μου αρεσει περισσοτερο και απο το αυθεντικο.

Ενα τραγουδι που με εκανε να σταματησω και να το ακουσω πολλες φορες ειναι του JJ Cale το Days Go By.

Βιντεακια του JJ Cale

*O τιτλος του post ειναι τιτλος τραγουδιου των Blues Wire. Ξεκιναει με κατι που συμφωνω απολυτα. The music you listen to, becomes the soundtrack of your life.


aeriko said...

oi stixoi apo to Days Go By

When you light that funny cigarette
Would you pass it back to me
I'm feeling a little down and out
And it'll keep me company
I'm just a long lost sinner
Living life here on the line
I'll give it right back to you
I know it's not really mine
Now don't put it out, not right yet
It's burning pretty good
Maybe I'll have one more toke
You think I should
OO-oo, days go by
I just sit around and get real high
OO-oo, what a glow
I just hang out, they come and go
Hey, the walls are starting to move
The floor is way down there
What a buzz it is
There's electricity in the air
Boy, I'm feeling really gone
I'm feeling really cool
I think I'll have another one
I'm just another fool
You know they say it's illegal
But what isn't these days
No matter what you do
There'll be somebody on your case
OO-oo, days go by
It just seems like I sit around and get high
OO-oo, shame on me
They're going to put me in a penitentiary
I must not be together
Look at the shape I'm in
I just know people are saying
He's looking awful thin
I guess I can count my blessings
Though I've always been this way
I guess I'll quit tomorrow
Maybe another day
OO-oo, days go by
I guess I'll sit around and get real high
You know time has no absolute
It's a just seems like it's spent
Everything has a tendency to be so warped and bent
While looking here and there
I'm surprised to see
Everybody's gone here
Everybody's gone but me
OO-oo, days go by
I just sit around and get real high
OO-oo, what a glow
I just hang out, they come and go

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