In my mind....

Blonde Redhead - Falling Man
Σωκρατης Μαλαμας - Τα Ξωτικα
Σωκρατης Μαλαμας - Νεραιδα
Antony and the Johnsons - Man is the baby
The Cure - Why I Can't Be You?
U2 - Until the End of the World
In my dream I was drowning my sorrows But my sorrows, they learned to swim Surrounding me, going down on me Spilling over the brim Waves of regret and waves of joy I reached out for the one I tried to destroy
Florent Pagny - Châtelet les Halles
Damien Rice - Grey Room
See I wasn't actually sure at a certain point if I ever gonna finish another record,
the whole thing got to a point where I really loved, I loved music,
but it transformed into something that it made me feel kind of uncomfortable.
The think that I noticed is that the more down I am the better of what it is that I do
and I'm sort of bored to be down but I've got all these songs
and the new album is quite depressing as well.
I don't know how we gonna tour for the next year
cause I don't plan on being in sort kind of space.
So we will have to make something happy soon but anyway.
So this is a song thats all about just when you find yourself caught in that space,
the cycle of just punishing yourself and others in order to bring you to a place
where you get so frustrated and annoyed that you get inspired
and you right a song and then you
have a relief.


μαριλένα said...

μετά τα ξωτικά του μάλαμα, το δικό μου αερικό...πως γίνεται να μας σημαδεύει ένα τραγούδι?
καλημέρα ¨)αερικό(ειλικρινά τώρα συνειδητοποιώ ότι δεν ξέρω το όνομα σου) τρελό ...
καλημέρα ¨)μαριαλένα...

aeriko said...

Marilena geia soy kai pali!
Pws ginetai na mas sumadeuei ena tragoudi?

3erw na sou pw oti den ginetai. Ka9e stigmh, ka8e eikona ka9w murwdia kai ka9e hxos einai sunufasmena sthn zwh mou me tragoudia.

Klemmeno apo tous Blues Wire.. "The music you listen to...becomes the soundtrack of your life"

aeriko said...

oso gia to onoma...
As skeftomaste thn mageia ths anwnumias kai mhn 3exname oti me lene aeriko.