Take a walk in the park...

Τραγουδωντας Belle & Sebastian* στο δρομο...παρατηρουσα οτι καποια πραγματα παραμενουν σταθερα με μικρες αλλαγες, και ειναι τοσο ομορφα!!!...και ηταν και ωραια βολτα..

Κήπος, Άνω Πόλη, Θεσσαλονίκη, Δεκεμβριος 2010

Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Ooh! Get me away from here I'm dying
Play me a song to set me free
Nobody writes them like they used to
So it may as well be me

Oh, I'll settle down with some old story
About a boy who's just like me
Thought there was love in everything and everyone
You're so naive!
After a while they always get it
They always reach a sorry end
Still it was worth it as I turned the pages solemnly, and then
With a winning smile, the boy
With naivety succeeds
At the final moment, I cried
I always cry at endings

Belle & Sebastian - I'm Not Living In The Real World
Gluing up my Airfix kit
Cigarettes after gym
Had a pint of Special Brew
Won't do that again

Belle & Sebastian - Sleep the Clock Around
Take a walk in the park, take a valium pill
Read the letter you got from the memory girl
But it takes more than this to make sense of the day
Yeah, it takes more than milk to get rid of the taste
And you trusted to this, and you trusted to that
And when you saw it all come, it was waving the flag


Roadartist said...

χαχααχαχαχ λύθηκα με το πρώτο :) :)

aeriko said...


Χαιρομαι!!! :)

υγ: υποθετω εννοεις τους στιχους απο το πρωτο τραγουδι.