Back at my best!!! :)

Autism teaches us to help others at all costs. It shows us how to improve on their lives and on our own lives without invasion and judgement. It helps us to understand that changing the person is not the goal of our endeavors. Autism also teaches us to find both the beauty and the humour in the 'quirky' little behaviours that we all have.
(Flanagan 2001)

Στα ξαφνικα οι μερες γιναν μωβ γιναν blue, γιναν γκρι κι η βροχη πλεει σταχτη με καπνους κι οι ωρες δεν περνουν γιναν blues κανουν ντουζ!!!! (Στα Ξαφνικα., Xaxakes)

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