I got you on tape - Somersault

Η πρωτη αποπειρα των στιχων εγινε απο την MiKy. Εκανα καποιες διορθωσεις και εγω αν και δεν ειμαι σιγουρος, οποτε επειδη δεν υπαρχουν αλλου τα λογια στο δικτυο, οποιος μπορει να διορθωσει...

Ever never drunk alcohol, Ever never got high

Was the end of a hundred years, That took me by surprise

What I thought to be dangerous

On the rush of a smile

Turning out to be nothing more

Than a kiss along goodbye

And there’s nothing

For no-one that powerful

And the light that shines above

cause thats the same

When I wake up

I m doing a somersault For the ones that never dare

To speak my name

I am shy and mysterious

When I say my goodbyes

When I thought of the ones I ve got to love throughout my life

When the times are miraculous

When I stop to think twice

When I sleep in the bushes next to where they trash their lives

Well they gather in the words that you speak to me

When there’s nothing left and we are at the end

And the others you laugh at me secretly

When that goes over and over again


akrat said...


aeriko said...

καλησπερες και καλωσηρθες

zubizabata said...


penelope_blance said...

gt dn exeis ta tabs/chords p8n? :/

aeriko said...

δεν τα χρειάστηκα, αλλα αφησε ενα σχολιο στο βιντεο (στο youtube) και ισως στα στειλουν. Ειχα ζητησει και βαλανε τους στιχους στο βιντεο.