To παρακατω σημειωμα το βρηκα στο pc μου, ειναι ενα αρχειο που ειχε φτιαξει ενας πρωην συγκατοικος μου, 8-9 χρονια πριν και το ειχε κολλησει στο σπιτι μας...

Hello my name is XXX

And as usual I am now talking on the phone.

But I really enjoy it so do not say anything because I will be REALLY pissed of.

If I am not on the phone I am sleeping so do not disturb because I shall react as I mentioned above.

OR in the most unlikely case that I am doing neither I must then be playing on Vangelis Computer and thus, any obstruction would be rather unfavorable, and lead to the above mentioned result.

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